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Excel export is a cool feature that has been part of SharePoint from the early days. It allows used to export the list data to an excel file and use it further.

Even after being used so popularly in different version Microsoft never made it that friendly across all platforms. I beleive the excel export relies on the active x controls that is only shipped with the Windows. Excel export was a topic with one of my recent client where users using Mac-OS are not able to use it as easily as users using Windows.

This is a solution that helps users browsing in MAC to take the full functionality using a new export to excel in mac OS button.

Following functionality will be provided through this Functionality

Users using any OS will be able to use this Export to Excel button
Users can pick only few items to export if not the whole view
If none of the items is selected then all the items in current view will be exported
It will export any field any data if it is null then it will export blank data
It will export all the items that is generated in current view.

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